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Growing by the Grace of God in Millican, Texas since 2013

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Texas Pecan Growers Association Innovative Grower of the Year Award

Orchard Stewardship & Facilities

Regenerative agriculture practices are followed in the orchard

Certified ServSafe® Food Protection Manager supervises pecan processing facility
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Camp David Pecan Butter

2023 Harvest

Kanza and Elliot pecans are now available!

Also try out our Camp David Pecan Butters available in Smooth and Old Fashion. No added sugar or salt. Great on bagels, fruit, with oatmeal, or in any recipe that calls for a nut butter.

Pecan Varieties

Elliott, Kanza, Farley, Caddo, Prilop, & Apalachee

Order online or call 979-676-1932

Our pecans are also available at BeeWeaver in Navasota
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Family Owned & Operated · 979-676-1932